Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ★★★½

Do any other movie punches sound like Indiana Jones punches? Are the sound editors even allowed to use a different sound effect for those punches? But also, are any other punches as satisfying as Indiana Jones-punching-Nazis punches?

Not an all-timer like Raiders or Temple of Doom, but better than I remember. Or, maybe this is just helped by not watching it immediately after watching those first two and being forced to compare them so closely.

Phoenix is a much better Indy than Ehrenreich is a Han. Though, I never liked the proto-Indy in the prologue, who was played by an actor named Richard Young but always makes me think of Randy Quaid — not exactly a role model for coolness.

And, unlike the punches, a lot of the jokes don’t land (“Ah, Venice!”), and the tone is bumpy overall. But Spielberg keeps things rolling, so you never linger too long on the awkward parts.

Also, I wonder what it took to get that last shot of everyone riding into the sunset, which is perfect.