The Dark Knight Rises ★★½

Nolan certainly knows how to give weight to the worlds he creates — but despite the super-serious, ultra-solemn, über-epic, mega-ponderous tone, the preposterous story and ham-handed allegorizing makes this the least interesting of his Batman movies.

I've always loved Gary Oldman as Gordon — but I like Gordon when he's portrayed as a hard-nosed cop, and not so much when he's some kind of half-assed resistance fighter.

I also liked Bane a lot as a devious and ferocious thug — and a lot less when he was some kind of visionary cult hero.

I was, however, completely charmed by Anne Hathaway's Catwoman — which was the biggest surprise for me while watching this.

Otherwise, I thought the whole movie felt like the ferry boat scene in The Dark Knight — convoluted, tedious, and contrived.