Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

Out of all the Quentin Tarantino movies, this might be the most different from the bunch. It has everything we know him for (witty dialogue, unique characters, obsession with feet...), but this time, he takes a more laid back approach, rather than an ultra violent and over the top one. The violence is definitely there, but it’s brief and only takes a couple moments. The meat of the story is in seeing these characters interact within the atmospheric late 60s in Los Angeles. The interactions are always engaging, and for a movie that’s almost 3 hours long, that’s quite the achievement. Everyone in front of the camera did a terrific job. Expect to see DiCaprio and Pitt with several award nominations by the end of the year. I wish Margot Robbie had more to do, she was great, but her character feels almost unimportant. I had a great time with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, it’s one of the best film experiences I’ve had in the last few years. I heard a lot of people are feeling underwhelmed with this one, and I can understand that. In my case, I wouldn’t change anything. Definitely worth checking out!

Side note: Watch out for an interaction with Leonardo DiCaprio’s character and a little girl, that scene was perfect in every way.

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