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  • Children of Nature
  • Nostos: The Return
  • The Lynx
  • Bye Bye Blue Bird

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  • Murders in the Zoo


  • Cat People


  • Daimajin


  • Mothra


Recent reviews

  • Kinetta



    A non-ideal work, but perfectly in tune with the inner melancholy. Among Lanthimos's few purely Greek works, "Kinetta" ranks above "Alps" but below "Dogtooth" for me. The rough, amateurish style of handheld shooting is a plus for the film, as is the combination of deliberate grain, bright color codes, and airiness and intimacy of the space. The important thing is that "Kinetta" never stops making eye contact with the viewer.

    The themes of spiritual emptiness, loneliness, and the desire to…

  • Zero Kelvin

    Zero Kelvin


    First of all, let me say that this quiet masterpiece has, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest opening music themes in the history of modern European cinema. With this composition, you will move along the black water surface between shining blue ice towards the unknown, wild and destructive polar world. Harsh nature and its inhabitants teach the romantic poet Larsen the first lessons of true cruelty. The foundations of our lives, which are as old as this world,…

Popular reviews

  • Meeting Place

    Meeting Place


    A stunningly subtle sociopolitical satire wrapped in magical realism, wherw the world of the living is endless Balkan 'music for weddings and funerals", and the afterlife is a chorus of ancient Greek tragedies. To my mind, this is another great example of classic YU nostalgia, anticipating the collapse of a glorious country and representing the longing for a disappeared homeland, no less than Kusturica's "Underground". A sad, heartfelt and moving farewell to a wonderful past that should be very carefully preserved in the memories of posterity.

  • Men of the Blue Cross

    Men of the Blue Cross


    A charming semi-documentary work with a short running time, made by Andrzej Munk hot on the heels of the recently ended war. A group of brave partisans help their comrades cross the border, avoiding harsh snow-capped mountains, wild forests, and Nazi patrols. A laconic narrative with voice-over from Gustaw Holoubek, memorable images of real and fictional characters, convincing performances by non-professionals, dazzling winter landscapes, an intense plot, a dynamic full immersion in the action and spiritual oneness with the brave…