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  • The Second Sound Barrier

    The Second Sound Barrier


    The Wainsy/Showmaltzy Machine strikes TIME and TIME again.

  • Logan



    So far beyond what has become the standard X-Men film entry into the franchise, yet it is easily the best. James Mangold injects not only a dark edge, but a truly violent and even profane overcoat at times. I wouldn't call it a great film, but it deserves mention for taking an approach that isn't the norm.

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  • Silver Linings Playbook

    Silver Linings Playbook


    No film this year took me by bigger surprise than Silver Linings Playbook, a dazzling romantic comedy featuring the type of dysfunctional people that reside in David O. Russell's wheelhouse as a filmmaker. Not since Three Kings and Flirting With Disaster has he been so in tune with his strengths, and it resulted in what might be his crowning achievement.

    As much as both The Fighter and I Heart Huckabees are enormously appreciated by most people, I found each of…

  • The Aviator

    The Aviator


    I know I'm in the minority with my opinion that The Aviator is Martin Scorsese's absolute best movie in over twenty years, probably since Goodfellas. It's a jaw-dropping marvel to witness in all aspects of filmmaking.

    There isn't a single performance that misses the mark (unless you really want to count Gwen Stefani), the score by Howard Shore is one of his absolute best, the visual effects are tasteful, the cinematography is gorgeous and graceful, and the subject Howard Hughes…