Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★½

I'm still not exactly sure what I just experienced, but I don't really feel the need to dissect any specific message in Leos Carax's "you have to see it to believe it" piece of bizarre art, Holy Motors.

My emotions ran the complete gamut of positions as the movie shifted from eleven different "appointments" that Denis Levant's lead character, known as Mr. Oscar, embarks on in one entire evening. This movie has been heavily discussed for the better part of six months already, and I have nothing new or different to offer into the investigation of what Carax is trying to get across to his audience here, but I know I was mostly engrossed with it all regardless. I can't say that I feel it is worthy of highest ratings like I see a lot of people have went to on here, because there are some sequences in the film that I found were overreaching in their oddness. For the most part, though, this is an extremely unique movie that cannot go without admiration simply for it containing certain scenes unlike anything I've ever seen before.

At times this is a beautiful movie, at other times it is ugly and absurd and bewildering, and then there are the 72,000 other adjectives I could conjure up to describe the rest. It's hard to give this a concrete rating, but I feel like 3.5 stars is closest to how I currently feel about it. Trouble is, I am not sure I ever want to see it again to find out just how much that rating would lower or rise on rewatch. I'm okay with that.

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