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  • Cold Weather

    Cold Weather


    I have only seen one Aaron Katz movie aside from this one and I think I can say he's a good director, with great plots, but sometimes they get boring and repetitive. Wasn't the case with this entertaining mumblecore neo noir. It has some great great moments, but at times it feels a little stuck into something and in need for a little traction.

  • End of the Century

    End of the Century


    What this film does best is showing how difficult is figuring out life and imagining the future for LGBTI people. Sometimes predictable, but with a much needed sensibility and a necessary normalization of other sexual identities. The twist was kind of predictable, but it doesn't dilutes the power of its message.

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  • Parasite



    The script. The story. The direction. The correlation between the title and the movie. The smart turns and big risks it takes. The freewheeling take on genre (or, in fact, the decision of not fitting the movie in one category). Parasite is one of the most intelligent, unpredictable and powerful films from the decade. One of the most well deserved Palme D'Or in history. A true achievement.

  • Unsettling Scenes

    Unsettling Scenes


    Poignant, sad and deeply personal. This is a film about memory and not being able to forget about past traumas that have carved scars onto our skins. Short, but right to the chase, and done in quarantine with what is within the director's reach.