Killer's Kiss ★★★½

The quality of the film is arguable; however, and this is maybe because of the low expectations I had for young Kubrick after Fear and Desire, but I enjoyed this. The story is very well told, and the amount of story is impressive for a 67 minute film. While it was going, so many sub-plots were emerging that I was thinking this would fail to end in a logical manner. The film, however, amazingly, manages to end every sub-plot without ever feeling rushed.

The narrative is impressive, and it shows Kubrick's skills as a story-teller. On the other hand, this shows us how amazingly bad Kubrick was for directing actors. Every performance here is wooden, and I don't blame it on the actors.

In the end, Killer's Kiss is a showcase for Kubrick's impeccable narrative, but it also makes his terrible actor direction noticeable. An enjoyable film from a yet-to-be master.

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