Pierrot le Fou

Pierrot le Fou ★★★½

Well, while I don't consider Weekend to be a good film (even though I liked it), now I do consider this to be it. Anna Karina is superb in this film. The music is fantastic and I (who am not a fan of musicals, really enjoyed the musical scenes). However, and while this is a better structured film, it still felt too anarchistic at points. Sometimes I enjoy anarchy (as I enjoyed Weekend's crazyness), but here, I felt it was intrusive at times. I felt it really had no purpose of being, and the film could've worked without some of it. And I'm not really getting into Godard's voice-overs (I'm really fond of Malick's, but I'm having trouble with Godard's, as I feel sometimes they simply become noise to, what otherwise could've been a beautiful quiet moment). Thankfully, it doesn't quite have annoying moments like Weekend.

The cinematography is brilliant, and, clearly, a master's work.

Pierrot le Fou is my second Godard film, and, while it is clearly a better film than Weekend, it still didn't win me over like I would've wanted to.

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