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  • This Earth of Mankind

    This Earth of Mankind


    Translating a famous literary work to the big screen is not easy. Need a good quality script supported by the players and teams behind a solid screen. And .. this has been successfully run, the duration of 3 hours is not felt. There is laughter and sadness mixed into one.

  • Makmum



    From the trailer looks promising, there is fear and mystery of what really happened. Immediately watched ... there are one or two scenes that are very surprising.

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  • Hereditary



    What really happened to this family ?. There is something wrong. Fear of the audience built slowly and occasionally able to make us not easy to forget one and several scenes.

  • The Pool

    The Pool


    The situation that befell Day seemed to be on his side, we were made to wonder how he would end up. And, you can also be afraid of swimming pools.