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  • M.


    Miguel traces his way trying to survive. His reality becomes increasingly labyrinthine until he must eventually face up to his own being. His complex behavior with a repressive society, an invasion of confused ideas make this documentary a piece about the current human complexity in a Mexico dominated by violence.

  • I'm Leaving Now

    I'm Leaving Now

    After 16 years of living in Brooklyn, New York, Felipe—an undocumented Mexican immigrant—struggles with the prospect of returning home to Mexico and reuniting with the wife and children he no longer really knows. Blending documentary with fictional elements, this film is lyrical meditation that unfolds as Felipe wanders the streets of Brooklyn, reflecting on family, home, loneliness, and love, and pondering where his life will go next.

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  • 1938 Diverse

    1938 Diverse

    1938-2018: eighty years have passed since the Fascist regime’s promulgation of the racial laws. An important and unfortunately still highly relevant anniversary. Eighty years ago, the Italian people, who have not traditionally been anti-Semitic, were induced by Fascist propaganda to accept the persecution of a minority that had been living peacefully in Italy for centuries.

    What made this possible? And how much do we know about that moment in history today? 1938 DIVERSI sets out to describe what the implementation…

  • The Announcement

    The Announcement

    May 22nd, 1963. Unhappy with the existing social and political situation in Turkey, a group of military officers have planned a coup d’état to take down the government in Ankara. Meanwhile in Istanbul, their conspirators have undertaken the vital mission of taking over the National Radio station and making a formal announcement about the coup. But nothing goes to plan. Faced with a number of obstacles, including a sudden rainstorm, the absence of the radio station technician, a betrayal, the…