Best of the Fall Fests 2021

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As the Covid-era festival landscape shifts yet again, our Festiville team picks the best of the films that premiered at the major fall film festivals.

The festival scene may look different this year compared to last, but you can rest assured that our Festiville correspondents were there to cover the hottest titles coming out of this year’s fall fests yet again. Some members of our all-star team (Mitchell Beaupre, Kambole Campbell, Dominic Corry, Isaac Feldberg, George Fenwick, Brian Formo, Gemma Gracewood, Alicia Haddick, Ella Kemp, Leo Koziol, Jack Moulton, Jonathan White and Lise) hit the ground running, returning to in-person festivals for the first time in a year, while others remained at home to peruse the (somewhat more limited) digital options.

Whether in the flesh or through the ones and zeroes, our team took in—among other things—royals of the Shakespearean and real-life variety, young lads and lasses coming-of-age in Indonesia and Naples, and cowboys and cowgirls of all shapes and sizes. With the dust settled, we present our selection of the best that the 2021 fall fests had to offer, with, as always, some help from the Letterboxd members attending alongside us.

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