The Eyes of TIFF: Hot Picks from the Programmers

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From the most romantic film in the fest to an Afro-sonic sci-fi musical, programmers for the 46th Toronto International Film Festival joined our editor in chief Gemma Gracewood to make personalized recommendations from the 2021 program.

TIFF co-head and artistic director Cameron Bailey has been with the festival for just over half its life, and says while some of the technology has changed in that time—“you’re no longer sitting in front of a TV monitor with VHS tapes… or waiting for 35mm prints to be spooled up and projected for you”—the “basic process of falling in love with movies” has not.

It’s a challenge, Bailey says, to winnow down the films he falls in love with for the final TIFF lineup. And even then, it is an annual challenge for film lovers tight on time to narrow down their own selections.

So ahead of the fest, Bailey joined fellow TIFF programmers from across Documentary, Midnight Madness, International and beyond for a Twitter Spaces conversation, in which they helped Letterboxd members make some watchlist decisions.

Hit the link to discover their recommendations.