TIFF ’21 Premiere "Saloum" Shares First Clip

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In this new clip from Saloum, the first West African film to ever play at TIFF Midnight Madness, we see three hooded figures wielding firearms as they make their way through a decimated town. 

Set to the pulse-pounding tune of “Malembe” by KOKOKO!, the scene occurs early in the film, setting the stage for the kinetic energy director Jean Luc Herbulot exhibits throughout his Senegalese genre-bender. 

Inspired by films ranging from A Quiet Place to From Dusk Till Dawn, the story tracks this trio of on-the-run mercenaries as their plane crash lands with a kidnapped drug lord and a stolen bounty of gold in the remote village of Saloum. Mystical curses and ancestral forces await them to unleash hell once they’ve arrived. 

Ahead of its TIFF premiere, we spoke with director Herbulot about mushrooms, Westerns, and making a film for the seven-year-old version of himself.