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  • Betty Tells Her Story

    Betty Tells Her Story

    "and i think that was part of the first time that anybody ever told me i looked beautiful. and that, that was, you know, something i really didn't know how to cope with. i was very embarrassed by it, i guess"

    short, simple, yet intimately affecting. not only a memory but a mourning of fleeting love for one's self, a glamour briefly felt yet ultimately, lost. betty's story brought to light something i feel i've always known: beauty introduces a…

  • Ping Pong the Animation

    Ping Pong the Animation

    “as the red sun stares at me…
    i yawn and the whole world goes blurry
    hope is like a metronome
    each and every thing’ll come to an end.”

    it almost feels like my heart is going to burst. how lovely is it to be bathed in and guided by a star’s light, after a lifetime of waiting in the dark? kathairein turned on its head completely, blood that need not be purified by blood nor it be washed away, but…

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