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  • Liz and the Blue Bird

    Liz and the Blue Bird


    Liz and the Blue Bird is a side story to Sound! Euphonium. This anime also works well as a standalone film so you will still enjoy this anime film even if you haven't watched Sound! Euphonium. The collaboration of Naoko Yamada as a director and Reiko Yoshida as the screenwriter is a match made in heaven. They also worked together on A Silent Voice, another fantastic anime film so it is to no surprise that Liz and the Blue Bird

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    As soon as I got out of the cinema after watching Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, I've been playing the soundtrack of this film non-stop. In fact, I am listening to the soundtrack right now while typing out this review. The soundtrack is catchy and appealing to listen to.

    Superhero films, as of late, have felt like cash-grabs with a lack of integrity. A lot of them have a bland story and laughable villains that are just there to be defeated…

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  • Roma



    Roma is a masterpiece! I saw this film at a cinema in 4K and it looks stunning. This film is written, directed, edited, and produced by Alfonso Cuarón. Cuarón also takes charge of the cinematography in this film.

    The script is down-to-earth and has that personal feel to it which is helped by the amazing characters in this film. This film has fantastic performances across the board. None of the child actors were bad. They were, in fact, exceptional! Cuarón…

  • small roads

    small roads

    Recommended to me by Porco Kino as part of the TFD Roulette.

    This documentary is a compilation of roads with almost no traffic. A camera is set down at the side of the road and left to record and every couple of minutes, the documentary will cut to a new road. I'd rather sit by the side of the road and feel the wind blowing against my face, feeling the heat of the sun, smelling the plants and rubble by…