Tampopo ★★★★★


This is the first time that I have watched Tampopo and I managed to watch it remastered in 4K as part of the Japanese Film Festival. This film is a masterpiece that has a main narrative and several satirical sub-plots with one main sub-plot that stands out from the rest. I wasn't sure how this film would make the subject of food enjoyable but I was proven wrong. It manages to use satire in its plot and a soundtrack which blends in with the scenes perfectly that is wonderfully acted by the cast. A lot of scenes were surprisingly comedic and it wasn't quite what I was expecting and it came as a great shock - not in a bad way though. I loved this film immensely. This film knows the importance of comedic timing and executes these comedic scenes perfectly to make this an enjoyable foodie film that is a classic and a must-watch! This is comedy gold!

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