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  • Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

    Sympathy for Lady Vengeance


    It’s finally time for me to end my descent into the Vengeance trilogy and, wow… what a way to wrap it all up, Park Chan-Work. Bravo. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance goes way beyond what I was expecting. Mr. Vengeance was an absolute thrill of a ride, Oldboy had its flaws but still managed to be a solid feature… and this one managed to finish it all with unimaginable grandeur.
    While the first tackles the rawest form of revenge and the…

  • Oldboy



    Continuing my way into Park Chan-Wook's Vengeance trilogy, I finally reached Oldboy: and being one of the most well-known films of the genre and one so praised by everyone, there was no way my hopes weren't a little high. Sadly, I got out of this with a mild feeling and a lot of caveats about this one.
    Just for starters, I have to admit that maybe knowing about the huge plot twist (because at this point, who doesn't?) severed my…

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