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  • Paris, Texas
  • Blue Velvet
  • Mandy
  • Barry Lyndon

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  • Legend



    I bet if you put the disney logo before the movie starts, it wouldn't make a difference.

    This movie is so trying to be like a live action disney adaptation, it's pretty fucking annoying. The goofy sidekicks who barely help at all during the hero's journey, the destined one, the eternal darkness if the hero loses, a princess, sword and sorcery, it's all there. I guess it's trying to be like Black Cauldron or Sword in the Stone, and believe…

  • Come and See

    Come and See


    I didn't blink. For 2 and a half hours, I didn't blink a single time. I shed a tear and I didn't bother to wipe my eyes or blink until the screen went black.

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  • Pottersville



    "I'm a furry and I'm proud of it," is a line that should never come out of Ron Perlman's mouth.

  • Elephant



    I remember a quote from Targets (1968) by Peter Bogdanovich. Where Boris Karloff plays a horror star who is out of retirement, and as he's explaining his retirement to someone, he picks up a newspaper that reads "Youth Kills Six in Supermarket", and says "Here's your real horror."

    It's a great line, but a chilling line also. It's saying that people are more afraid of the real-life horrors and not the stuff you see in movies.

    I think Elephant is…