Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★

A really solid ending to a really long but mostly consistent series, at a whopping 22 films over 11 years. But what this film does is not quite what I was expecting - without dropping any spoilers, it’s much quieter and more introspective than I was prepared for. As opposed to the sometimes overblown action of Infinity War, instead it is few and far between in Endgame, at least from the starting gates. 

Of course, though, it’s all leading to a really epic final battle, and one that has some triumphant and well-deserved moments for multiple characters. Above all, this movie is an idyllic sendoff, and the perfect capper to a series that often got too big for its own good. But by focusing on the characters we have come to know and love, and giving each of them a fitting arc, it sends the MCU, this phase at least, into cinematic history. 

Naysayers may say that this series won’t stand the test of time, but I think it has staying power. Clearly there are highlights (Cap 2 & 3), Iron Man, Avengers 1 & 3), and there are the moments we pretend didn’t happen (Iron Man 2, Thor 2, Incredible Hulk). But even with its flaws, we’ve followed these characters and this series for over a decade now. To put this amount of painstaking detail into the final entry is a dream come true. Can’t wait to see what the next phase of the MCU has in store for us.

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