Tenet ★½

Piss Off.
People in my cinema got angry at this film. Uncomfortable shuffling in seats. 
I had no idea what was going on, and, maybe it was my small town cinema, but I couldn’t  make out most of the dialogue. 
The dialogue I did understand made me think it was written by reddit.com/r/iamverysmart
Here’s an example- 
“You’ve heard of the Manhattan Project?
“Of Course”
“Well, Oppenheimer... blah, blah, blah, wank wank wank”
Anyway this is the constant attitude of the filmmaker. It’s gross and embarrassing. It’s almost as if the plot doesn’t make sense and Ben Shapiro helped with a script edit, telling Nolan that the audience is so dumb that they wouldn’t get it anyway, so what’s the point. 
Speaking of Gross, the DV sub-plot smacks of early 2000’s Bond. Maybe our hero can save the woman from her villain husband, maybe, but.... “uh, she’s actually... quite strong and could even do it herself.” 
Cheers Nolan. 

Anyway, it’s big and loud and nice to be in a cinema again, and the cinema out here isn’t showing retro films, just the shitty midday movies that distributors aren’t afraid to lose money on, so I’ll probably watch it again. Might even like it on the second watch?