fidelio75 has written 6 reviews for films during 2020.

  • Ashes and Diamonds

    Ashes and Diamonds


    عالی بود. صحنه ترور شخصیت اصلی فیلم رفت بین یکی از بهترین صحنه های سینمایی که دیدم.

  • Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet

    I expect much more from David Lynch. That was not my favorite film of him.

  • Beau Travail

    Beau Travail


    I just want to listen it's soundtrack again and again.
    there is a scene in the film that has become one of my favorites; the scene of desert and the troops there with that amazing music on film.

  • Dogtooth


    The first thing about this movie, that has remained in my mind is the color of white.
    i was really in shocked after watching this strange movie.

  • Amores Perros

    Amores Perros


    this film is known as mexican PULP FICTION! a suitable title for one of the inarito's best movies.
    a great realistic movie that tells three stories which connect together with a car accident and some dogs!

  • Following


    christopher nolan spent just 6000 dollars for this film, cheaper than all his other movies and probably better than them.