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  • The Drifting Classroom

    The Drifting Classroom


    Needs more musical interludes with twins walking in with trombones. Beyond that; a slow pace, a plot without much of a story, and some cool low fi visuals. The first 15 minutes I was trapped in and ready to go but by minute 30 I was really tempted to start skipping around in the play head.

  • A Band of Thieves

    A Band of Thieves


    I gave myself all the stars cause I was the kid that always voted for himself in elementary school.

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  • Where the Buffalo Roam

    Where the Buffalo Roam


    An attempt to adapt Hunter S Thompson that’s as riveting as watching buffalo graze. Feels like a TV skit that lasts an hour and a half

  • Cats


    I still don’t know what jellicle means. Could have worked if it was made in the 80s with the Jim Henson company and David Bowie as run time tugger. At the end of the day though cats is just about cats introducing themselves for 2 hours and reminding you that cats are not dogs.