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  • The Gospel According to St. Matthew
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  • The Last Unicorn
  • Excalibur

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  • The Ballad of Jack and Rose

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  • The Gospel According to St. Matthew

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  • The Alchemist Cookbook

    The Alchemist Cookbook


    the loss of kaspar: once i had the omen & sign of a black cat dead (called nemo) & after a period of mourning, which was 3 days of crossing the place of his death, laid him to rest in a pyre & later dreamt a premonition of my own death,

    saw & felt myself die, watched it happen, and felt a piece remain, trapped as a slow fading shine of light hung in a void. i think now sometimes of being trapped in…

  • Cannibal Cult

    Cannibal Cult


    i got rly mind blasted and pleasantly out of phase with my bod into the AU midwest of my dreams that lives mostly in unfinished graph paper dungeon maps, warped by the stove pipe kohls dept store wide leg denim with massive aircraft carrier dad mowing-the-lawn tennis shoes embroidered into every scene. shoes so big nothing can hurt you. i couldn't understand any of the dialogue. dreamy melting sand art non-sequitur planar phase shifts as if the woods are magnetic…

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  • I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

    I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

    no offense, but if everyone would stop talking so much we could enjoy this unique opportunity to be in the rain cocoon which is cozy with VERY comforting wooden interiors. we just stay away from the range hood because that is where killers come out of. hook hand man could be resident evil 2 '98 mr. x who only comes out if you walk by the trigger areas but we insist on making him into 2019 mr. x who will…

  • Shocking Dark

    Shocking Dark

    arguably the best part of shocking dark is that they left in the part where the terminator stunt mannequin falls from a super high platform and whams its head on a railing causing it to pop clean off and fly in the opposite direction but when it lands his head is still attached as if what we just saw didn't happen.

    this is the spirit i wish to adopt for 2022. you don't have to have a head to have…

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  • House



    Sixty in September: 10/60

    There are so many things to be fascinated by in this beautiful, wild movie, but two things really stick out to me. Obayashi talks about them in the interview on the Criterion materials:

    One is the war and the atomic bombings. Obayashi is originally from Hiroshima. He says, quietly and candidly, that most his friends didn't survive the bombings, as a child. The second is Obayashi's sense of how children view and experience the world. He…

  • The Others

    The Others


    Nicole Kidman descending the staircase,
    carrying a gaslamp in one hand and
    holding a shotgun in the other,
    while the fog thickens outside.