Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl ★★★½

there is maybe a lot "wrong" with this movie (cis gaze, legitimacy from men's attn, etc) but all i can tell you right now is how much i cried at this movie. i cried and cried and cried and cried. and then i cried MORE.

for joy.

at seeing a real live trans girl in a movie.
hearing her voice.
seeing her live.

it is everything to me.

i don't know how to explain what this is like. a whole movie starring a girl like me? taking her hormones like you just do?

yes, in some ways, this is late in the lineage of stereotype movies about how cis people deal with trans people. but what these people do is so filled with warmth and love. filled with hope for changes of heart. i fell in love with it.

these words won't go deep enough to get to the feeling of it. it's like all you've ever known is thirst and then one day, you finally get a sip of water. how can it be explained?

trans day of remembrance is soon. (for us, of course, it's every day.)

but, if i could make a benediction to the world, i would ask:

please, let this only be the beginning. please let this flower forever. please let trans women flood the world. please never let another girl grow up without people like Ricki.

there aren't words to explain how important it was to me to see her on screen. to hear her quip and drawl. i'm still streaming tears half an hour later.

i needed this. we need this.

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