Inferno ★★★★★

Hoop-Tober #5

I loved absolutely everything about this movie. The burning colors! The gels! The ancient witchcult mythology! The remoteness of it. The witch with a coven of cats (of course, cats would serve the Mother of Darkness)! Glowing eyes in the night! Creeping dread in the rotting interstitial spaces! That soundtrack thundering!

Then quiet: "Hello... Hello... Hello..." The disembodied laugh! Corpses underwater. Creeping in the nightspace.

The staring woman in the musicology class with the best movie cat (sorry, Gustaf), a pile of Satanic fluff!

Giallo pushed into an ocean of dream! The black gloves into the supernatural abyss! The living dream of it! The pure dreamstuff miasma! How slow and floating and glacial like a dream. How it dispenses with coherence and narrative and even its own protagonists! Of course -- that door!

The flaming cauldrons!

The setpieces: that whole scene in the library, culminating amongst the flaming cauldrons of the witchlike bookbinder, is perfect! The perfect tableau of Mater Tenebrarum slumped over her table among her candelabra. All the cuts to the moon through the candelabra! The hot dog man!

Some flaming dream opera suffocated in mysteries! Dream language pulsing alien cryptograms in waves and rays of yellow and purple light! Cinema so pulsing and alive! Cinema with glowing, nuclear eyes: visions and visions and visions! How supremely drenched in visions! Buzzing nightmares in the crypt!

I adore this movie.

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