Ringu ★★★★★

i just love sadako so much & this is one of the best ambient horror mood tapes ever. it just has such a quiet calm to it while also being consistently eerie. it feels like looking at the sea under overcast skies. an autumnal chill. the remoteness of forgotten or abandoned things lonely and longing to be found. like kayako, sadako seems trapped in a curse she didn't ask for and can't escape. desperate to communicate but voiceless. trapped forever in the loneliest moments of her life. where her ESP flared at her death and caught obscure intimations of a localised hidden dimension of forgotten sufferings. bodies crawling and loomed over by some shrouded entity. a magnetic-psionic burst caught on tape almost by chance.

i love that the look in her eye at her final appearance is ferociously grumpy but not necessarily malevolent. like she has come to terms with where she's at and is just PO'd about the whole thing. but i'm not convinced she actually means to hurt anyone. where kayako seems pleading and almost innocent and more cursing people by accident, sadako seems to enjoy spooking people and is ambivalent about people dying because i imagine after three or so decades trapped in a cursed undeath the shock starts to wear off and it gets boring after awhile so it doesn't seem like a big deal. like sadako kind of enjoys being a ghost and is definitely coming for you but she thinks its kind of funny and just leans hard into expectations about what ghosts are supposed to do and is hamming it up.

she is also kind of a fragmented repetitive echo and implacable force. and i can also vibe with malevolent evil sadako who is just super into cursing people. its good to have hobbies to keep you busy when you're trapped in a well forever. like. you had to kill me in a well? that's not even thoughtful. what an awful place to have to live for eternity. i'd be grumpy too! i think she eventually got to go to the beach with kayako while promoting her appearance starring in Sadako vs. Kayako. so that's good.

she may also be just very enthusiastic about this movie she's made and can't get people to watch it so she used her ghost powers to force people to watch it. but its really disturbing and makes you uncomfortable and sort of embarrassed that you don't know how to respond so you die instead.

anyway, this is an awful review but i love sadako a lot and this movie is so lonely and sad. like i imagine how it feels to be a ghost. how it is to be alone at nightfall thinking of the rest of the week with no promise of anyone coming to see you. the quiet passage of days, rain, and the desolate roaring of waves or wind. which can feel like a friend when there is nothing and no one around.

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