The Fits

The Fits ★★★★★

traversing the fem line boundary, the Line of Girl, the dread of Crossing Over ::: puberty/adolescence as growing past the liminal space of the community center///teenagerism (srsly just read nathaxn's review). possessions by growing into whatever womanhood or adulthood is. some with fear, some with ecstasy. dreams or visions & looking forward. is it consumption by ---

or maybe Tone's ecstatic vision of The Lionesses in bright color, shining blue sequins, dancing all together, shimmering, with fierceness set against the grey bleak stone of the overpass bridge is the sudden overwhelming light of self-confident dreaming take backs flashing across her body in a Fit. the ominous dread of Body and the joy mixed of what it may be or do. the Fit of girlhood in a flash which is so multiple it is ecstatic and condensed in the film to Pentecostal possessions what Girls Can Tell is the whole array of day after day exploded into a moment of irreducible catharsis cried out loud by the body what words cannot say.

like the dancing scenes in Girlhood, seeing black women & black girls in triumph, deliberately bodied triumph, is cinematic lightning. i want white supremacy to end forever, and it is the smallest thing to do right now to hush myself up except to be screaming: watch this, watch Girlhood.

it is a fit too -- a paroxysm of Dream to not give up, pride but fear but believe but a LIFEFORCE that is a strange momentum. i'm just hitting keys to a mystery bigger than me &&& a blunter brain than i'd like to say says: this feels very important

& i believe we can fite our own white bubble & see the ecstatic end as anti-fascist triumph alive in the hearts of this black girlhood; open to it, there are ways & futures to be dreamed that don't have to be like what white people are making, actively and thru our silence.

Tone KNOWS. she KNOWS. we can have that world. but we have to listen. we have to amplify her voice, her vision.

we can't be silent.

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