The Long Island Cannibal Massacre

The Long Island Cannibal Massacre ★★★★★

I had an Experience watching this. I am still Reeling from it.

This is the clashing at the edges, the eruptions along the leylines, wild assertions of cosmic volatility, the rift and the void. Conjured with the unmistakable enthusiasm of the truest hedge wizard.

Sea waves, flowing grasses, the froggish mutant god hidden in the Dark Places of the Earth. Raw outlaw primitivism. The primordial Caveman scripture:

it sinewed me with ruptures. it was radioactive Weird Renewal. it lit my intestinal kerosene fluid and activated some howling gut sapience to channel extradimensional rock and roll vibrations from the Morlock dimension:

it is a slow damage sentience warp, neural witchcraft in the thrum and hum of its Life Force, makes the Screen permeable, and masticates the time-space divide into a churning thresh of Divine Possibility and Kick Out the Jams sun worshipping netherpunk.

i'm channeled by the sunshine possessionwave into arcologies stretched across the ethereal demiplanes.

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