The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★★★

its been 2 days and i still can think of nothing at all interesting to say abt this movie except i absolutely loved it & i felt like i needed to communicate this fact. i put this on really stoned super late at night and i don't know what i was expecting but it wasn't to have my mind sort of blown by this fell asleep at 2am reading stephen king paperbacks evil cars doom in the trees trauma sensitive rebel girls against the world fog fog fog poptimist-NEGATIVE bloody teethed clashing between those who see no future but try to love & those who just don't care or worse crave suffering the cliche WHY NOT feels so deeply searing in this context & then also to have the slashers themselves be fragile & destroyable makes the already thin veneer on the chaos beneath into a sucking maw with the cruelty that those who live must bear the wounds when they used our most bombastic and triumphant songs of love & togetherness or even loss that hurts because of that want into a living nightmare

torn & twisted at the foot of a burning [truck] & the last thing i see is my heart, still beating, breaking out of my body and flying away!

jim steinman against the grave!!!

(that song isn't in this movie but anyway i loved this)

ps when the first stranger appeared spookily i unconsciously shouted HOW DARE YOU at my tv it was illegal, strangers, i live alone, how could you do this to me!!!

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