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This review may contain spoilers.

Watched on Netflix (82/100).

I liked how the movie was made. The editing was decent; a little dated here and there when it came down to the fx though. I liked the writing and how it portrayed the US; you Yanks would def. throw a parade for a super pig and toss free meat around. The idea of the movie itself is not even that farfetched and it does come with quite a bittersweet ending. Mija saved Okja and one little piglet but it still means all the other super pigs are going to be processed for meat regardless. It's quite a question though; how to feed the world? I don't know the answer but having Jake Gyllenhaal running around drinking and abusing a super pig is probably not the way.

I liked the acting and how over the top it was; especially from the American actors. It was in stark contrast with the more reserved and constrained acting of Mija and her grandfather. Overall I enjoyed it.