Sicario ★★★★

“This is a land of wolves now.”

Flawless up to the perspective shift, which I don’t feel it’s earned after spending 90+ minutes on Kate and her journey. I’m not sure what the right ending would be if we stayed on her, but the current one feels like a cop out. Still, like I said, flawless up to that point. It’s a true horror film, properly equipped with blood, violence, a hefty body count, jump scares, and a constant sense of terror. Scratch that— it’s better than most horror movies. And in a way, also scarier.

A note on the border sequence— both ways—, which is extraordinary filmmaking, perhaps the greatest 10 minutes of Villeneuve’s career. It does everything he does so well: creating a mood, setting a pace, building dread, and using it all to reveal character.

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