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  • Summer of 84

    Summer of 84


    Decent flick with a good third act but it suffered from slow pacing and stiff acting.

    While the third act is definitely strong and worth watching the movie for, it too could use some tightening up.  

    The film felt generally amateurish but fun.

  • Halloween



    I went into this film with as open of a mind as possible and it was pretty good. I don’t agree with the five star reviews and people exclaiming from rooftops that it is the best but it is good.  

    I wasn’t a fan of the opening to the film, the characters weren’t likable for me and the editing continuity issues kept bumping me.  The kills were mostly all excellent, there was some really well done blood and gore, enough…

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  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

    A West German movie that takes place in New Mexico, the creepy woman running The Honeymoon Inn is in on some scheme with creeps that chop up visitors, it's a darn shame too bc id love to stay in this amazing motel some day.

  • Gas-s-s-s!


    Roger Corman is my idol but I cannot recommend enough that you never watch this film. It was supposedly only an hour and eighteen minutes but it felt like four.