Us ★★★

I confess i'm a little disappointed again with Peele. I was super pumped about this movie after watching the trailer and the glowing early reviews. From a directing point of view he does almost everything right. The cinematography, the shots, the tension. The score. The score is fantastic. The really star of the movie. As for the story, it kinda fails. Actually, that's not quite right. I think it works for the most part as a metaphor for oppression and/or social abandonment, at least that was my interpretation, but even then i think a couple elements don't fit too well. As a horror movie, it's a failure in the mythological sense. In setting a scary mood it still works well.
One last negative that i think it's worth mentioning is Lupita's take on the shadow half. It doesn't serve the mood at all. And it wasn't just me who thought so as there were plenty of people in the audience that audibly manifested the same in the theater.

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