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  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    Possibly my favourite horror film of all time, this is a film in which you feel everything. The opening 25 minutes is so perfectly constructed, the revelation that it was only a dream is just one further twist of the knife. What's shocking is not only the absolutely distressing murder and mayhem, but this tortured psychological condition has become normalised in Laurie's life, a waking nightmare that she cannot escape from. Never has Rob Zombie's aesthetic been more fully realised…

  • Butterflies Have No Memories

    Butterflies Have No Memories


    "This is my only remaining asset. One day, we shall be able to use this again. You'll be with me. We'll have money."

    Director's cut. I watched this with two friends and actors who have experienced nothing from Diaz before, and who are performing in my next film, Foul Trumpets. I thought Butterflies Have No Memories would be beneficial to show them as my film shares with this a similar world. They found it to be a rather unique independent…

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  • Hereditary


    Hereditary, Ari Aster's hilariously self assured debut, is fundamentally about nothing. Aster indulges in leering pornographic nihilism, making this the perfect film for art house audiences who don't actually like horror films.

  • The Revenant

    The Revenant

    Thank fuck I didn't pay to see this.

    On a second viewing it only really solidified everything I thought the first time around... I don't know what Iñárritu is trying to prove here apart from his own brilliance. He doesn't even understand the filmmakers he blatantly steals from - the rhythms and associative qualities shared between Malick's images and cutting style are grossly misinterpreted here, the savagery completely discordant from the chosen aesthetic.

    This is stunt filmmaking, engineered from the…