• Scream 2

    Scream 2


    Sidney Prescott. One of the most iconic woman of "good for her" cinematic universe.

  • Scream



    Let's just hope I won't get too far at this point after watching too many horror and psychotic thriller movies.

  • Suspiria



    What makes this film even scarier is the fact that Frank Mandel looks so much like Jude Law.

  • Insidious: The Last Key

    Insidious: The Last Key


    Ah, just another normal day for the Spectral Sightings.

  • Insidious: Chapter 3

    Insidious: Chapter 3

    Lin Shaye beating up supernatural entities is peak cinema and we should be thankful for her.

  • Insidious: Chapter 2

    Insidious: Chapter 2


    Specs and Tucker are a couple. You cannot tell me otherwise.

  • Insidious



    Almost shit myself when I saw the red-faced entity at the back of Patrick Wilson.

  • The Conjuring 2

    The Conjuring 2


    That white girl who always had a say in every supernatural activities that happened was so annoying.

  • The Conjuring

    The Conjuring


    I deserved an award for watching this alone in my room at 3:00 AM.

    Also, I would like to acknowledge the camera works in this film. I'm really glad James Wan directed this masterpiece.

  • The Cabin in the Woods

    The Cabin in the Woods


    Honestly was expecting this film to become shitty and 1/2 stars worthy until act 2 came up. Really wasn't expecting to end like that.

  • mother!



    I really thought Jennifer Lawrence just like to make replica of crystals and made one for her husband. Little did I know...

  • The Purge: Election Year

    The Purge: Election Year


    The way I've decided so quickly after watching The Purge: Anarchy. But to be honest, I can't choose which one is the best between the two. I like the second film too but this film also gave us such an iconic group of characters plus I'm in love with the score of this movie.