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  • Cleaner



    A throwback 90s neonoir directed by Renny Harlin who wishes the material allowed for his usual excesses.

  • Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

    Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool


    Benning and Bell give their best, but are defeated by an excess of sensationalistic misery and McGuigan barely raising above HBO direction. Still this actually tries hard to exist a note above a Harvey special which explains the mediocre reviews and lack of Benning oscar nod.

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    How true partnership is achieved: with poisonous mushrooms and a taste for pain. More or less the flip side of Punch-drunk Love, Anderson’s previous love movie, it is equally unbalanced with a taste of all-encompassing excess, but while that film was taking over by a sense of longing and Jewish neuroticism this one has a nasty perverse stroke and a desire to poke fun at upper-class property. Sandler’s Barry starts low and is moved to heights by love, while Day-Lewis’…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    I kinda want to punch people comparing this to Demy in the face as much as I wanted to punch Gosling’s (whose self-absorption is put to great use here even if I’m not sure it was intentional). That said, the anxiety of failure that runs as undercurrent throughout this does stings some. It is half a prick’s wish-fulfillment fantasy and half a manic depressed nightmare of someone afraid to be exposed and the way those disparate parts run together is curious at least.