Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Proxy War ★★★★½

“Where are his insides?” The Yakuza grow even more incestuous; it is not even that danger comes from within, but that the nature of violence is of just boiling over until inevitable unforgiving release. Fukasaku adds two interlinked radical gambles in Proxy War: one is playing the plot through the contextual journalistic inserts he have already used in the previous entries, while the essential of the escalating tension between the families is described there, Fukasaku is free to film gangsters reacting and attempting their own next moves. The second is withholding violence, there’s a lot of it here, but until the end this is less graphic, more macho buster than acts, lots of contemptuous glances from men who wish they could just brake a bottle over each other heads. That is until the final minutes when the movie turns near abstract in depiction of mayhem before a final literal empty out.