Beyond Hypothermia

Beyond Hypothermia ★★★★

Beyond Hypothermia was a very popular movie among HK fans back in the late 90s, but it never received much of a home video release which has made it fall through the cracks. That is a shame as this one of the best and most radical films out of the local industry on the period and today it only gets occasional mentions as curiosity for being Milkyway's first feature. Maybe it is because the plot is lift straight from La Femme Nikita with Jacklyn Wu as the killing machine and Lau Ching Wan as the everyman who "redeems" her, but then lots of Hong Kong movies have no shame in repurpose western hits for its own uses. This is a minimalist and very stylized film. The editing in particular seems to leave behind anything that isn't essential with the final confrontation a particular highlight. The sets have a similar barebones quality to it. All this while the content goes for big broad gestures. It contributes to Beyond Hypothermia playing less as action movie (despite including some terrific action) than an expression of doomed emotion. There's no second chances here, just a march towards death.

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