Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody ★½

This is very terrible as a biopic even before one gets into how bad it deals with sexuality and the fact that it can't even get songs and their albums right. It just movies badly from one incident to the next (the remaining Queen members having too much control over the film probably hurt, but that was also a problem on Straight Outta Compton and F Gary Gray and his crew still manage to make a movie out of it). This is a bit better as a jukebox musical and I assume that's where its popularity lie (it literally ends with a 10 minute run through their live aid performance, and one suspects Singer at least get it that performance should be the main thing here), but still if that's the appeal the songs come and goes too often and their uses can lack a lot to be desired. If you really want to listen to Queen, pretty much everything here but Love of My Life is easily available in any of their better known compilations. Bohemian Rhapsody biggest crime isn't that it adheres to the Walk Hard template (to be honest that feels like critical lazyness), but how little it does with Queen's performance qualities which should be musical 101. Just look at Malek's awful performance which isn't even a case of a good imitation like Foxx's Ray Charles, he does some of Mercury's obvious manneirisms, but misses everything that makes him electrfying, he most comes off as needy.