Charley Varrick

Charley Varrick ★★★★½

Sturdy, no-nonsense lacking in much in way of fuzz, just the grind of pragmatical getting away with the daily grind that just happens to involve criminality. "People kill for money like this" Charley acknowledges in the one of the few moments the movie betrays looking at a bigger picture. Most of the time everyone is just to focused to get going to think much beyond their resigned beat down desperation. Matthau's Varrick carries himself with the same distance be it dealing with sex or mourning or violent thugs after him. And somehow his atitude rubs off on everyone else in the picture, all parts of the same machinery, except from Robinson's young gun who is too dumb to get it and Baker hitman who probably had never had a soul to get crushed in the first face. The only victory here is to be able to still be going in the next minute.

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