Da Sweet Blood of Jesus ★★★

As often in Spike Lee’s cinema the messier he gets, the more interesting are the results. It is not really surprising if one knows Lee – it pretty much is what one would expect a Spike Lee updates Ganja & Hess to Obama’s USA to be like – but has a lot of charms along the way. At its best it has a certain hard earned melancholia that is Lee’s own. Much like Red Hook Summer it reinforces how out of step with current cinema, Lee is. Dude has entered his late master who couldn’t care less what people think phase and all the better for that. I particular appreciate how this is self-councious about its own disconnect. Ganja & Hess was confrontational film from a radical artist, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is the work of someone genuine worried about matters of assimilation that also knows it confronts them for a rather safe upscale position.