Dune ★★

This gets a certain turgid quality of the most annoying science fiction fans perfectly (they are my people so this is more observation than judgement). That fits Herbert novel which I never cared for probably much better than the loopy space opera of the DiLaurentiis/Lynch version. The large scale spectacle of it all has a pleasant quality to it and there's moments when Villleneuve grandiloquence does hit an image that lands, but the effort shows, Herbert novel is a mix of world building and exposition and I think this gets the equation wrong. It gets lost in too much minutae and the pace is all off. I think it could pull off the monumental without making every bit of Paul's journey so labored. Current Hollywood obsession with plot above all else in the worst way. Plot, not story, because this is shapeless a chunk that just hits a natural ending point inside the book without thinking much of what is getting told. It is an impressive achievement about itself. Probably the ideal Villeneuve movie.

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