Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter ★★½

Joseph Zito is by far the most forceful filmmaker to handle a movie of the franchise, he is also the most hateful (in a series that is known for being more cynical nihilistic than the average slasher). Like Zito's earlier The Prowler Final Chapter is more than happy to be a delivery machine for Tom Savini's grotesque designed murders, it is a little less creative, but the dawn time scenes show Zito more animated as well. Zito has a tendency to drawn-out scenes to "make them more suspenseful" that both hurt Savini's murder ideas (pay-offs just can't sustain them) and just play up the genre usual sadism. He is not really interested in the plastic possibilities of staging murders or allowing teenagers mean streak to boil over into explosions of gore (the genre two main calling cards), but just plain butchering. This is probably the series most ideal entry for good or worse.

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