Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Halloween III: Season of the Witch ★★★★

There's a strong tension here between the very 80s surface and an old school chiller. As it is well known by now there's a Nigel Keale script buried in it and I think Carpenter and Wallace are very aware of the give and take. To some extent, Carpenter runaway with a lot of this and turned into They Live a few years later, but as a first draft it is remarkable assured. There's just am undercurrent of pain throughout, the horror really stings, both violence, size and its inevitability. Dan O'Herlily villain is great and it is amusing that he ended playing an almost identical role in Robocop as there's a strong Verhoevian humor from the self awareness about it be a media and consumption critique that belongs to an assembly line franchise, something the movie has a lot of fun with, to the repeating use of that damn song to everything depending on the world's worst scumbag divorced dad. Also, there's really not enough movies with Tom Atkins in the lead and that's a shame.

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