Iron Man 3

Marvel MO has long be mashing up their own properties with out of evidence personalities that bring a certain cool sheen to the procedures. Under this logic it makes a lot of sense to give a film to Shane Black, whose style once the definition of action film hackery has become two decades later retro cool. Black despite lack of experience as an actual action director is well suited to something like this given that his approach has always being centered in keeping so many balls rolling and bringing attention to themselves so to distract the viewer from how generic his material often is and he does that rather well here for two thirds of running time until the film mostly falls apart (even an expert like Black can do so much with these things ridiculous running times). There’s one genuine good bit of action with Iron Man having to save a dozen people expelled for a plane, the sort of clever bit of actual super heroics, I wish those superhero movies have more of and the cast and Black’s dialogue help keep things lively for as long a possible. It can’t actually its rote origins (it is telling that it doesn’t have the nerve of actually using the Mandarin as villain despite him being the one decent villain Iron Man comics had, one has to try to sell tickets in China) but it is one of Marvel’s more enjoyable entries and Marvel's approach is far preferable to Nolan’s dullness.