Justice, My Foot!

Justice, My Foot! ★★★

The first of Johnnie To's two Stephen Chow comedies. It is very busy with more plot than your average Chow film and sometimes it risks get him lost in all the procedural, but the jokes just keep adding up. Chow plays a weasily lawyer who is forced by his kung fu fighting wife Anita Mui to retire for the tender reason that every time he gets a guilty client free their new baby dies. So this is a comedy whose plot is predicted on a toodler death, no one will ever accuse Chow of worring with low things like good taste. There is plenty of absurd over the top humor and Chow smart ass persona just serve all the court scenes really well, it is just a joy to see him beat down corrupt officials by going for more and more absurd numbers. Anita Mui is after Karen Mok in God of Cookery, Chow's finest on screen partner and as usual the supporting cast is full of good character actors more than willing than let Chow embarass them.

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