SPL II: A Time for Consequences

SPL II: A Time for Consequences ★★★★½

The evil that men do. Give it to Soi Cheang to make a film featuring Tony Jaa and Wu Jing, probably the two most graceful martial artists working today, to feel this ugly. As I mentioned in previous opportunities Cheang is a former horror director who went mainstream but never quite left the genre, if Motorway was a slasher film with cars, this one goes to essence of fighting scenes - the destruction of bodies - and build the film from inside it. The first hour, mostly a length set-up, gives body to this idea thematically, while the second hour just gives release to it one gorgeous shot brutal set-piece at time. Simon Yam plays a dog in one scene and that is not the most literal moment in the whole movie, also Louis Koo creepy villain manages to come off absolute innefectual and even more haunting for being so. The plot is overlabored for sure, but it is there to give weight to this idea that action genre is about men destroying other men while being literally driven by blood. Also, only Cheang could come up in the climax with the most literal representation of heroic bloodshed meaning ever put on film. But beyond all else I'm just very happy Wu Jing finally, after over a decade in movies, found one that is worth his talents.

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