Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★

Around half of a very good movie, so pretty much on par with my usual PTA experience. Instead of going for self-importance as he mostly did for this century, he seems to be trying to be more aimless and let the themes come from individual moments of the shaggy coming of age romance. The main drawback is that Anderson simple isn't a relaxed filmmaker, every moment underline on how perfect executed it is. I've seen some comparisions between Licorice Pizza and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but while whatever his other faults Tarantino is great at suggesting he isn't carefully controlling every moment in his careful controlled film, Anderson suffocates the movie far too often. Another thing is that the nostalgia aspects have been exagerated, there's a lot of evocation of place but I think its relationship to it is far more complicated. Everything plays from Gary salesman pitch, every moment is about hustling and performance. That gives the movie a strange mix of closeness and distance, the main relationship remains very personal to the couple, while vey self-aware about how both character/actors are putting a show for themselves and Anderson's camera. This effect gives the movie a disturbing power, it is a dance of seduction, but it is also careful considerated agreement, one that remains on litigation throughout.

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