Lifeforce ★★★★½

Tobe Hooper gets all the Hollywood chips he gained for serving as Spielberg's matteur en scene for Poltergeist and let it crash and burn gloriously into a huge science fiction horror epic about sex and death. Every image written large and this is a film to be seen very eager to communicate trough large visual gestures. Dan O Bannon script is a big homage to Hammer in general and Quatermass cycle specifically, but Hopper really is less interessed in cinephile quotation than using it as a jumping point to a grand visual essay about how allure of movies go hand in hand with destruction. Blood leaving Patrick Stewart dead body and slowly forming Mathilda May naked body is the film money shot. If for Godard movies were about "a girl and gun", Hooper has no time for the niceties of language, Lifeforce sincere believes it is all about "gore and cum". Its visual density goes hand in hand with rather primitive desire. It is a large attack on cinematic apparatus that is closer to something like Peeping Tom without the benefit of any written distance. It is also an act of belief for an artist who sees fantasy oriented cinema getting more defanged and acting as he can to put blood, guts and sex where it belonged.

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